We Construct And Shelter Your Dreams

Innovation, quality and ecology are the key notions embraced by KEBE S.A. (Νorthern Greece Ceramics), which has been active in the production field since 2008. Its goal is to launch new products of high quality, bioclimatic design and clean building technologies. Thus, it is the first company to introduce to the Greek market building materials that are truly and largely energy-saving and economic. KEBE facilities extend to a privately – owned area of 235.000m2, with a total built-up surface of ​​44.000m2 and 12.000m2 industrial outbuilding for roofing of raw material in a strategic location in Nea Santa of Kilkis.

They are situated very close to Egnatia Highway and to its vertical axes, at the borders of Greece within the broader Balkan region, at only 25 km from the Thessaloniki port.


The ideal combination of the state – of – the – art technology with the high quality of KEBE products creates the necessary conditions so that each and every one of the company’s products is fully harmonized with the regulations and provisions of the Greek and European regulations. Nevertheless, KEBE’ s strength rests in its people. By recruiting its human resources with specialized personnel, both from the scientific and the technical field, the company lays a firm foundation for a successful course.

Naturally, for KEBE technology is as important as the environment; Its respect to the nature that provides the raw materials, its scheduled participation in research programs and the use of alternative energy sources actually demonstrate the company’s concern for an environmentally-conscious building and living.