The modern pioneering mechanical equipment, the fully automated production process with modern robotic technology, result in the production of products of high specification. The choice of clay, which is the raw material, is done thoroughly with continuous laboratory tests and analysis.

In 2018, with the completion of a decade from the first day of KEBE’s operation and several decades of experience in the field of ceramics, the next big step in the development KEBE’s strategy was completed! Dry milling significantly reduces the granulometry of the clay and increases its homogeneity. This leads to a final product with excellent technical and aesthetic characteristics.

Mechanical strengths increase, porosity and water permeability minimize, while the smooth surface is ideal to aplly new styles, satisfying even the highest aesthetic expectations! There is continuous monitoring of quality at all stages of production and with emphasis on the final product in order to be fully harmonized with the Greek and European regulations.

The privately-owned crane fleet combined with impeccable product packaging ensure safe and on time delivery. The 2 autonomous brick and roof tile production units have an annual production capacity of 700,000 tons of bricks and 75,000,000 pieces of roof tiles.