Welcome to KEBE


These are the concepts that characterize Northern Greece Ceramics, which has been actively operating since 2008 in the area of ​​Nea Santa Kilkis, in a privately-owned area of 235.000m2, with a total built-up surface of ​​44.000m2 and 12.000m2 industrial outbuilding for roofing of raw material. It is a business choice of strategic location, very close to Egnatia Street and its vertical axes, close to the borders of Greece with the wider Balkan region and only 25 Km from the port of Thessaloniki. Northern Greece Ceramics is a landmark in a story of over 80 years and justifies three generations of successful family history. The new company administration maintains the family ethical values ​​and ideas of the past and looks at the future with optimism and trust, while addressing new markets without any geographical or technical limitation.

Clay extraction is made from privately owned land, after a sample analysis that ensures the quality of the raw material. For the production of roof tiles, we use the dry preparation of raw material, which significantly reduces the granulometry of the raw material and increases its homogenization. This leads to a finished product with excellent technical and aesthetic characteristics.

The plant consists of two autonomous brick and roof tile production units, as well as an independent line for roof accessories. The annual production capacity of the factory amounts to 700,000 tons of bricks and 75,000,000 pieces of roof tiles and accessories.

Its purpose is to bring to market new high-quality products, for bioclimatic design and clean building technologies. For this reason, KEBE is the first to present to the Greek market building materials that offer great energy savings and economy during construction and use, as well as products that meet the highest requirements of aesthetics and design.

Modern robotic technology and more accurate quality control systems are complemented by the recruitment of KEBE with skilled personnel both in the scientific and technical fields, in a work environment that encourages initiative and promotes productivity.

KEBE has added to the masonry field, in addition to the horizontally perforated bricks, the ORTHOBLOCK and ORTHOBLOCK PLUS bricks, offering a complete thermal insulation system with the mortar and metal lintels, the building system ORTHOBLOCK.

In the field of roofing, roof tiles of various types such as traditional Dutch, Portuguese (Roman) , Marseille, large-size roof tiles such as Mediterranean & Macedonian, as well as the new flat roof tiles, Novel & Ideal Marseille roof tiles were added to KEBE’ s catalogue in 2018, following the modern trends and architectural requirements. All the above, in a variety of colors and styles, along with the roof accessories.

KEBE’ s  action has also been extended to insulating building materials, thus offering integrated solutions to the construction industry, restoring bioclimatic architecture and supporting sustainability, aiming at the rational management of natural resources to meet the needs of the present without undermining the needs of the future.