Clay is a unique ecological material that has been used for more than 4000 years to produce bricks and roof tiles due to its exceptional characteristics against fire, temperature, sound and because of  its high durability.

KEBE uses exclusively mixtures of clay and water for the production of its products, and in addition to the eco-friendly raw material, the production process is a “green” investment and the basic principles are respect to the environment and balance between quality and innovation.

There are two major product categories in KEBE, bricks and roof tiles.

In the brick category, a complete range of bricks with horizontally perforated holes of various sizes satisfies every requirement for interior or exterior masonry with traditional building methods, as well as a complete range of ORTHOBLOCK and ORTHOBLOCK PLUS with fillings of EPS, is the evolution in building systems, offering anti-seismic and thermal insulation for advanced building construction.