Northern Greece Ceramics is based and develops on three pillars of responsibility: Environmental, Social and Economic.

Our principle is that a business should prioritize a healthy work environment that encourages initiative and promotes productivity while ensuring that a positive trading climate for its customers is created. Our care should be extended beyond the human factor, also to the environment. The financial gain, necessary for its sustainability, will come as a result of the above.

Actions leading to business sustainability are based on:

  • Operational follow-up and risk management
  • Recruitment and maintenance of qualified workforce
  • Attraction of investment and other resources needed to improve its competitiveness
  • Maintenance of high profitability of human and other resources
  • Constant renewal and improvement
  • Maintaining its good brand name

All the above is integrated into the day-to-day operation of the business and constitute the primary responsibility of each employee, at every level, on a systematic basis.

Focusing on the business sustainability, KEBE takes responsibility for the consequences of its decisions and actions on people, the environment and the economic development of the local and society in general, and therefore acts transparently. It also follows high business ethics, complies with the legislation, and all these principles characterize every level of its business.