KEBE proceeded with EPD Environmental Product Declaration certificate, putting into practice its long-standing strategic position for integrated and rational management of the environmental impacts related to its production processes and products. KEBE has an Environmental Product Declaration for Bricks and Ceramic Roof Tiles that complies with ISO 14025:2006 and EN 15804:2012+A2:2019, verified by the independent accredited company EUROCERT and published in the global EPD program

that KEBE is the first heavy clay building materials industry in Greece that has Environmental Product Declarations for all types of Bricks and Roof Tiles produced in the factory in Nea Santa Kilkis. Now KEBE, harmonized with the international design trends and building rating standards (LEED, BREEAM etc.) which are included in the institutional framework of many countries (Greece, United Kingdom, France etc.), providing environmental advantages for projects, encouraging Green Building and Green Development.