Supplementary construction system


Metal lintels are a horizontal metal construction designed to carry the masonry of interior and exterior openings. They are available in direct correspondence to the width of ORTHBLOCK. Their length will cover all openings of any dimension.

Their technical features are:

  • they conform to CE marking
  • they conform to the standard EN 845-2:2003
  • they are dyed with a special sandy texture powder electrostatic paint, for coating to have a
    good grip.
  • offer anti-rust protection, polymerization at 200 C.

Application related practical features:

  • render construction faster and save time.
  • create a strong bond between ORTHBLOCK and the coating.
  • offer a simple, easy and cost efficient solution to the heat insulation requirements of B.E.E.R., simply for the reason that no additional insulating material is required, other than the ORTHBLOCK.